Uniform Requirements & Limitations

CBUAO Uniform Requirements

College Baseball SeasonBlack uniforms will be worn in allconference games (D-1, D-2, D-3, JUCO). Black shirts, pants, jackets, turtlenecks, and ball bags will be embroidered with the CBUAO logo.The black uniform consists of the following items:
Black Plate Coat(w/CBUAO patch)
Charcoal Plate pants (w/CBUAO embroidery)
Charcoal Base pants (w/CBUAO embroidery)
Long sleeved shirt
Short sleeved shirt
Pullover jacket (short or long sleeved)
Black turtleneck
White turtleneck
Red turtleneck
Ball bags
Blue uniforms are acceptable in NON CONFERENCE GAMES ONLY and shall remain the same as in the past. The CBUAO patch and 4″ red numbers with white borders are standard on all navy uniforms. Red, white or navy blue turtlenecks are to be worn under navy blue shirts, jackets, and plate coats.
Cape Cod, NECBL, West Haven and Hamptons:  Short Sleeve Shirts: Light blue w/black trim and Cream shirts will be worn. Both colors will come with the embroidered CBUAO logo (NO NUMBERS).  Long sleeve shirts & jackets: When the weather is cool, black embroidered CBUAO long sleeve shirts or pullovers may be worn.  Hats: Black CBUAO hats will be worn.  Pants: umpire pants (dark grey) preferably with CBUAOlogo.  Ball Bags: Black ball bags with or without CBUAO logo.  Undershirts: Black, red, white, cream or navy may be worn. Base umpires should wear the same color. Other Summer LeaguesNavy CBUAO uniformsmaybe worn for all other summer leagues unless otherwise New MLB (light blue w/black trim) and Cream shirts is preferred.Scroll down for ordering information

CBUAO Uniform Limitations

CBUAO uniforms are only to be worn in games assigned through the CBUAO office.  Unauthorized use of CBUAO uniforms will be cause for dismissal.  The only authorized summer baseball leagues where CBUAO uniforms may be worn are:

Cape Cod Baseball League
Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League
New England Collegiate Baseball League
New Haven Twilight League

CBUAO hats and CBUAO patches are now available through the The Sports Loft.