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2015 Umpire Registration

2015 Umpire registration:

Memo from Nick Zibelli to all prospective baseball umpires for 2015 season:


Obligations of the umpires are as follows: 

Umpires must attend one of the sanctioned pre-season clinic/meetings conducted by the CBUAO or NCAA.  The CBUAO will sponsor a clinic/meeting or meetings at a date and time to be announced.  There will also be a short CBUAO umpires meeting, during the lunch break, for those attending the 1/3/15 NCAA clinic in Orlando, FL and at the 1/25/15 clinic in Baltimore, MD.  The NCAA clinic is only mandatory for umpires wishing to be considered for NCAA D-I, D-II, or D-III regional tournaments.  Umpires attending any of the CBUAO approved meetings will be eligible for regular season and post-season assignments up to and including D-1 conference championships assigned through the CBUAO.


Umpires must pass an online rules exam conducted by either the CBUAO or NCAA prior to the start of the season.  Passing grade on the CBUAO exam will be 80% as in past years.  There is no initial cost to the umpires to take the CBUAO rules exam.  Should an umpire not pass the exam after 3 attempts, a fee will be charged for further attempts.


All umpires must complete an annual profile and submit an annual registration fee.  The 2015 fee remains at $60.


Umpires are not required to be a paid member of Arbiter or any other organization to be eligible for regular and post season assignments from the CBUAO.  However, the NCAA requires Arbiter membership for consideration to Regional Championships and beyond in D-I, D-II, and D-III.



*Please fill out and sign the registration form that was sent via e-mail on October 5th and remit with your check for $60 prior to October 24, 2014 in order to be eligible for assignments during the 2015 spring, summer, and fall seasons.  Registration forms should be returned to the Massachusetts address listed on the form.  Future communications will be conducted via e-mail, through the CBUAO on-line system, and will be published in the Announcements Section at  If you did not receive a registration form via e-mail and wish to be considered for assignments contact

Bob Auerbach throws strikes at Mets game

Bob Auerbach throws strikes at Mets game

Bob Auerbachrev1

Umpire and Dunkin Donuts contest winner Bob Auerbach ( Ringwood , NJ ) throws out the first pitch at Citi Field prior to the Mets 2-1 win over the Astros on 9/27.